The Spartan Code® ... Modern Principles from an Ancient Culture.

Nearly 3,000 years ago one man began to create a culture that would develop the greatest warriors the world would ever see.  Built around three principles: equality, fitness and austerity, Lycurgus began to develop a training plan that would impact every Spartan as they transitioned into adulthood.  Every truth we build on in the code is pulled directly from the ancient training of all Spartans, known as the Agoge.  We believe each of those stages can be broken down into four specific principles, mentioned below, and are taught in full detail throughout our book.

  • Stage One: 7 - 11 year olds... Discipline (Mind)
  • Stage Two: 12 - 14 year olds... Integrity (Heart)
  • Stage Three: 15 - 17 year olds... Sacrifice (Hands)
  • Stage Four: 18 - 20 year olds... Courage (Feet)

The Modern Day Agoge™ ... Learning to live by the code daily.

Over the past several years we have been teaching The Spartan Code® to hundreds of athletes and leaders all over the country.  In doing this we have not only developed several tools teaching each of the stages and their importance, mentioned above, but have cultivated a year long program.  The Modern Day Agoge™ is specifically designed to walk anyone through a rigid and focused year that mimics the ancient agoge and will without a doubt radically impact every aspect of your life.  In the end you cannot merely "learn the code" you must choose to live it!  

  • Stage One: Day 1 - 90... Discipline of Self
    • Learn to Focus on what matters most
    • Develop progressive Goals to move you forward
    • Manage daily Habits so change can begin
    • Implement your Routine of daily alignment and reflection
    • Be supported in a fully focused Community fighting alongside each other
  • Stage Two: Day 91 - 180... Integrity with Spouse
  • Stage Three: Day 181 - 270... Sacrifice for Family
  • Stage Four: Day 271 - 360... Courage in Life

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