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Not Lord spare me but Lord let me not prove unworthy of my brothers.
— Dienekes
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History Minute

The Syssitia was and is common gatherings for the committed of Sparta.  Founded nearly 3,000 years ago, Lycurgus decreed the importance of the practice and that all Spartans were required to attend.  The Syssitia was a daily mandatory banquet most comparable to a modern military mess.  Over the doors a sign would read: “Out this door, nothing.”

Before the 5th century BC this ritual was also referred to as the ὰνδρεῖα, literally, "belonging to".  Obligation was total; no person, not even the kings, could be absent without good excuse.  Lesser excuses, such as being away on a hunt, implied a requirement to provide a sacrifice to the table.

The participation at Syssitia was, as for other aspects of Agoge, necessary for membership in the Homoioi, the peers.  It was not a cruel punishment but an intentional directive geared to bind all members together as friends.  “Even horses and dogs who are fed together form bonds and become attached to one another.” - Xenophon

Welcome to The Spartan Code’s: Modern Day Agoge and your Syssitia

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Rise up, warriors, take your stand at one another’s side, our feet set wide and rooted like oaks in the ground
— Tyrtaeus