So what is the Modern Day Agoge?

I can quote you statistics on how…

  • Men are abandoning their responsibilities as husbands and fathers
  • Or how there seems to be a complete loss of character among our leaders
  • Or how we spend countless hours online seeking likes, attention and purpose
  • Or how we constantly goal set only to never have solid follow through and achievement

*In fact, let me just ask… Did you set a New Year’s Resolution?  How’s that going!?

Nearly, 3,000 years ago the ancient Spartans lived lives much different than anyone and everyone around them… In fact, many would say they were the most elite culture to ever live.

  • Though there are dozens of stories and lessons we can learn from the Spartans, one of the biggest things that set them apart was their training plan called the Agoge
  • We have taken the ancient Agoge and broken it down into four principles: Discipline, Integrity, Sacrifice & Courage.
  • It was through these principles we developed something new… a unique one-year training program, broken into four quarters, each moving you closer to achieving the things that matter most…

Today we are excited to announce a very intentional training tool… the Modern Day Agoge

  • The MDA will help you focus on what matters most
  • The MDA will not only help you create goals, but give you the follow-through
  • The MDA will start with a look at self (your first 90 days), and moving outward from there to your spouse, then your family, and finally your community.

But just like the Spartans of Ancient Greece who had each other pushing their community to become the toughest, most focused and most passionate leaders the world has ever known…

  • We also have a community for each of our Modern Day Spartans, a community of fighters, a community fully focused on achieving greatness through support, encouragement, and being a part of something bigger than ourselves.

So what all is included in the Modern Day Agoge!!

  • The MDA, a 30-day journal designed to walk you through our program
  • A private online community of peers that are also seeking change and purpose
  • Access to a catalogue of Q&As, Challenges and Leadership Lessons from Sparta
  • Tons of gear (Spartan Code Tee, Ephor Stationary, Stickers, and of course, the Challenge Coin)
  • A 3,000 year old vision for Life Change that still inspires people today!

*There’s not much more to say… Join us today and change your tomorrow! 

 Modern Day Agoge  Welcome Box  pictured above (MDA workbook, T-Shirt, Challenge Coin, Ephor Stationary, Decals and more...)

Modern Day Agoge Welcome Box pictured above (MDA workbook, T-Shirt, Challenge Coin, Ephor Stationary, Decals and more...)